“Timely delivery and reliability are the main characteristics that describe The company is focused on creating value for partners in such a way that all our co-operation always ends with a win-win situation. “
Danut Maciuca, Director
ELIAS Business Consulting d.o.o.

“One big thanks to for speed and accuracy with which they have stepped precisely when we needed. I like the web site too, always interesting data, fresh and unusual. “
Ana Popović, director of the company secretary
Kvasac d.o.o.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the flexibility of services – regardless of any additional
requirements, the translation was delivered on time “
Bojan Stipić, Director
Vernexo d.o.o.

“The company is Makromikro has chosen for several reasons, primarily because of the compliance deadlines, and the quality for what you did. We are very pleased that you are Makromikro partner.”
Silvio Kozina, product manager
Makromikro d.o.o.


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