Mojprijevod.hr Quality Warranty

Translations of all the languages from our offer are conducted by long-time professional translators.
Currently we can offer professional skills of 54 professional associates from fifteen countries.
Within a language, thematic text sets the highest quality professional translator for a particular area, according to the previous experience of interpreting in the vocational field, and more importantly to note, according to the criterion of “Satisfied customer”.

“Satisfied customer” is our famous personalization of known tools for getting quality feedback from a client that tells about the satisfaction of our services.
Positive feedback from a client is, we are very aware of that, the most important thing we can get. This information tells us still more about us than we know by ourselves and therefore is invaluable.
We provide a qualitative feedback from the client in such a way that we are, concerning its value, always ready to offer additional benefits.

If you are already our client, this is already well known to you.
If you are only to become, you will enjoy a pleasant surprise.

Finally, the documents of exceptional complexity and specificity are after translation additionally reviewed by another professional translator for a specific area of activity.

We do not want to claim that we translate all areas to all world languages.
On the contrary, we say that we focus on what we do best so that we can best serve the requirements of these areas that we successfully serve.


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